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These are the projects that I update regularly.

perl6 FastCGI A library for building FastCGI applications. Source
perl6 Flower XML Application Languages, including TAL/METAL. Source
perl6 HTTP::Client Build HTTP clients easily. Source
perl6 HTTP::Easy Build HTTP servers (with PSGI support) easily. Source
perl6 HTTP::Status HTTP status messages library. Source
perl6 MIME::Types Parse and query mime.types files. Source
perl6 Netstring Netstring library Source
perl6 SCGI A library for building SCGI applications. Source
perl6 Template6 A TT-like template engine for Perl 6 Source
perl6 WWW::App A Web Application Framework Source
perl6 WWW::App::Easy MVC Extensions for WWW::App Source
perl6 XML (formerly Exemel) An object-oriented XML library Source
perl6 XML::Query jQuery like selection and traversal. Source


These projects are not as active as the above ones, but are still being maintained.

perl5 DateTime::Format::Perl6 Perl 6 style date format support for DateTime Source
perl6 DateTime::Utils Utilities for Perl 6's DateTime object. Source
perl5 Disc::Info Query ISO discs and images for metadata. Source
perl6 Method::Modifiers Wrapper to wrap(). Just for kicks. Source
perl6 PSpec RSpec-like BDD framework for Perl 6. Source
bash Rakudo Moon Build bleeding edge builds of Rakudo Perl 6 and Panda. Source


These are projecst that are in an unfinished state. They are still in development, but aren't fully functional yet.

javascript NodeMOO A MUD/MOO for Node.js Source
perl6 WWW::Curl Curl lirbary bindings for Perl 6 Source
perl6 XML::Format Pretty printing for XML Source
perl6 XML::XPath XPath queries for XML. Source


These are projects that may still work, but aren't being maintained anymore. They may eventually be resurrected, but at the moment, they are on hold.

perl5 Blacknoise Build static web sites in Perl 5 (without TAL) Source
perl6 Pickle Cucumber-like BDD story engine for Perl 6. Source
perl6 WhiteNoise Build static websites using Perl 6 Source


Some may work, others may not, whatever the case, these projects are kept for historical purposes only. They are officially discontinued, never to be resurrected.

perl6 Esquel Build SQL queries using method calls, never finished. Source
multi Garden A Functional Template Language. More Info
perl5 GreyNoise Build static websites using Perl 5 (with TAL) Source
perl6 HashConfig Configuration data in Hash objects, but with more magic. Source
perl6 ww6 A (complete) web framework. Missing deps, broken everywhere. Source

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